Nima Tested Gluten Free Restaurants

How often do you think to yourself and wonder, “Where are gluten free restaurants” or “What is gluten free near me?”

Using Nima, the portable food sensor, people are discovering and sharing their newly discovered #Nimatested gluten free restaurants (and the not so gluten free places to avoid).

Introducing the Nima gluten free (GF) tested map

Please Note: Map view does not work on mobile Safari browser. Please use another browser or access the full map using this link.

What is the Nima gluten free tested map?

The Nima test map, above, displays all restaurant locations that the community has completed Nima tests. A restaurant has a Nima score out of 5, where 5 is the best score.
A perfect score of 5 means that the restaurant has:
  • At least one item on the menu that testedGF
  • Many GF options
  • Knowledgeable and accommodating staff
A lower score means that the restaurant:
  • Has fewer GF options
  • Less-accommodating staff
  • And/Or Nima detected gluten in item(s) that were specified as GF
These details for each restaurant, including which dishes are tested and reviewed, are discoverable by downloading the Nima app.  Search in the app for a specific restaurant and location to see the dish and test results.You can explore and search the map in more detail by clicking the square in the top right corner. A larger view of the map will open in a new window.Learn more about the Nima scores and how Nima works by visiting the Nima support page.

Want to see more?

Download the Nima app to:
  • Discover new restaurants – new restaurants are tested are added each day.
  • See the most recent tests and dishes at each restaurant
  • Share your own Nima tests – contribute to the community by reviewing your own tests
Download the Nima app now!

Want to test for yourself?

Get your own Nima to join the Nima community and have a piece of mind at mealtime. Nima empowers you to test anything, anywhere, that you’d like to know whether it’s really gluten-free.  Nima displays a test result for the dish you’re testing in just a few minutes!

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