Nima App: Review, Contribute & Discover

What is the Nima app?

The Nima app syncs to your sensor, so you can share your test results and see restaurant reports to help you find gluten-free places.

Review your own test results

One great thing about the Nima app is you can record where you were, what you tested, and what you ate! This way when you go want to revisit a particular spot, you can remember what your experience was like, what particular dish you may have tested, and any results.After you complete a test or two, you can open the Nima app on your iPhone (see a note about Android below) and sync your results. You’ll immediately see the results in the app, and be able to add information about where you and what you tested.

Contribute to the Nima community

By completing these food reviews, you’re helping to create a database of restaurants and packaged so people can make better food decisions. This includes you! As you share your results, you’re also seeing the results others have shared.

Discover – based on dishes, cuisine types, and restaurant names

You may find a new local spot you hadn’t had the chance to try, or check out something when you’re traveling that you might not have tried otherwise. The Nima app search will allow you to look for dish, cuisine type, or restaurant name.