Nima for Restaurants: What is a portable gluten sensor?

Nima for restaurants

As a restaurant owner or worker, you may be concerned about what Nima means for your restaurant.

What is Nima?

Nima is a portable device for testing foods for gluten (tests for other unwanted ingredients are currently in-development, including tests for peanuts and dairy). Many people need to avoid gluten to maintain a healthy diet or even avoid getting sick, and Nima helps give them an extra layer of information to identify gluten in foods before they eat them.

Why would someone be using Nima?

If someone is using Nima in your restaurant, it’s likely because eating gluten or other ingredients that Nima can identify will cause them physical harm or discomfort one way or another. Nima will help them identify gluten in food even when you might have missed it, and having Nima’s information on-hand may even help customers avoid unfortunate results from food they may eat at your restaurant. There are lots of reasons why people avoid eating gluten, but most are health-related and potentially very serious.

The results of gluten contamination can be devastating to some, and it can be really challenging to confidently avoid gluten when you’re not preparing your own food.

Some people may want to use Nima in your restaurant because education about gluten, what it’s in, and where it’s found is still not widespread. Others may just want a little extra peace of mind when dining in your restaurant, even if you have gluten-free options available. Some are using Nima to explore new restaurants and/or new menu items, and beta testers for Nima have tested items that their dining companions have ordered to see if it’s something they could potentially order in the future. Some are just going to a restaurant for the first time and want that extra layer of data. The reasons vary, but all in all, it probably means they are excited to be able to dine out and have an extra layer of information to help them make decisions about what to eat.

Top questions around Nima for restaurants

We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of answers to commonly asked questions from restaurants about Nima. These can be found in our FAQ section under Nima for restaurants.

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